Military Forces of Minai

The Joyous Ones
Dating from the earliest legends of the city’s founding, The Joyous Ones are the elite and loyal bodyguard of the kings of Minai and the royal family.

When the first king was fighting his wars to defend and consolidate his land. The women of the city were tired of watching their sons, brothers, uncles and husbands die in the endless conflicts and took to the streets in a furious mass. The king was offering sacrifices at the great temple when they arrived, and rather than try to escape or call for his guards to slaughter them he quietly walked down the steps and bowed his head before them, offering his life in atonement for the loved ones who had died for him. Astonished by his response, those women swore themselves to the king and crown, and became the first of the royal bodyguard.

They’re officially called the Joyous Ones for this reason, their sadness and anger had turned to joy, but also because of the great zeal they display on the battlefield. To this day they remain fanatically devoted to the city and its monarch, whomever it may be, and continue to draw in women whose lives have been shattered by war, famine, disease, cruelty, and so forth. As a result they are more commonly known as the War Widows, to the point were only the most archaic and formal documentation uses the old name.

They do not take vows for life, but you are expected to devote yourself single-mindedly to the defense and interests of the royal family while in their ranks, so if you want to marry, start a family, etc. you have to leave. Which is fine, unless you have pressing duties they are free to do so, but since “War Widow” is more often than not a literal description many do remain for life.

Military Forces of Minai

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