Mercenary Groups

The Elohim
Less a mercenary army and more an independent political organization, the Elohim’s many services are nonetheless for sale.

The Iron Legion
So-called due to their practice of covering their members head to toe in suits of iron segmented plate, the soldiers of this band present an image of uniformity despite their varied origins. Operating all along the seacoast and near regions, the Legion recruits from many peoples and cultures, taking their experiences and integrating them into a single whole.

Their reputation for both professionalism and affordability has historically made them very popular, and their infantry are considered as solid as their word. However, the high cost of outfitting every recruit with such armor and equipment makes the company’s name fanciful at the best of times, barely numbering above in the thousands at its peak. Likewise, in practice any given member’s equipment and armor varies depending on their role and seniority in the company.

Lately the group has fallen on even harder times though, after ill chosen luck in employers and a startling defeat resulted in massive casualties that they have yet to recover from.

The Red Slayers
Made up primarily of veterans from Minai’s cataphracts, the Red Slayers also boast some of the best cavalrymen from nearby nations as well as a few adventurers and knights from Niros-Kanos among their ranks.

The Chimeras
A new name on the continent and in the world of those who sell their lives and their swords for coin, the name has nonetheless spread like wildfire in the last half of a decade. While their numbers now linger around 100, the company was founded as a small group of close associates, and for its early years never numbered more than a score.

Led by a man named Teko, the group was composed of some of the most deadly men and women on the continent, made all the more surprising due to their young age; with a notable exception, none had yet reached their 30th year.

Mercenary Groups

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